Monday, June 13, 2011

i'm as free as my hair..

Random graphic, I wanted to try and do some different hair instead of the boring stuff I normally do. Click to enlarge.
What do you think??

P.s blogger keeps on pushing my pictures that I upload to the right side and it won't move to the middle :S does anyone know how to fix this??

P.s RAGE got released, click here to read it. ;D

Monday, April 25, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Banner!!

What do you think? I love it really, model is of course the amazing Leighton Meester [she plays Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl] in this shoot.

Tell me what you think lovely people!

I'm really enjoying making this stuff, maybe for Editorialized next? ;)


Harry Potter [And Other Random Things...]

Made these over the past week, editing photos is way more fun than graphics if I'm honest. Graphics are so tedious and you can really have fun with photos. As you can tell I am a MASSIVE Harry Potter fan, and I think Bellatrix Lestrange is an amazing character.

I download my brushes from a lot of random places that I can't remember :S But I did get some textures from which can be seen on the last two pictures.

Click to enlarge and tell me what you think <3

If you want one of a celebrity or something for your blog tell me?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tumblr With Me...

Made by me ^^ Gossip Girl for life <3

If you talk to me heaps, you'll know I'm pretty obsessed with It's the perfect remedy for my Harry Potter/How I Met Your Mother/ Taylor Swift/and other random stuff obsession.

Anyways, I decided to try and make something for tumblr, instead of just reblogging heaps of stuff. :D what do you think??

Haha I know it sucks. xD

Follow meeee!!

Tell me your tumblr in the comments and I'll make sure to follow back. ;)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Never Seen Feb Issue of RAGE :D

Before I went overseas in Feb. I was hoping to a release a Valenitines issue, but I only had time for a few graphics.

Here they are :D

Click to enlarge. What do you think? I originally wasn't going to release them, then I just decided to. :P

Currently working on the next issue of RAGE!! :D

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Faceless Girl ;O

Once again, drawn completely from scratch by me. The hand sucks I know, it's way to small. I have a massive problem with hands and feet. -.-

What do you think?

Random Girl Graphic ;D

Made this today, drawn completely from scratch, no shoes, because I am terrible at them. xD
I need to practice shading clothes a whole heap, but tell me what you think!

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Shading Technique

I made this tutorial for my friend Maggie last night ;D

This is how I shade, sorry if it doesn't make sense. x)

xx Kylie

Monday, January 10, 2011

Rage Magazine Spoilers

It took me two days to finally be satisfied with a spoiler for the magazine. It had to be very good graphic-wise so that people would see that our graphics are more than amateur. :P

I'm really happy with it actually, some of my best work yet!

I've decided to post a few previous spoilers I was originally going to have as the spoilers. Bear in mind there is a reason they didn't make the cut, so these graphics aren't very good.

Originally the left arm wasn't going to be in it, but I ended up adding it, can't remember why though because it ended up being all muddled and weird, so I ditched it. Maybe if I had done it all over again it would have looked alright..

I was considering this one but it just seemed to plain, it was the second last one I made before the official one.

The above one I thought to be way to plain again, plus I hated the hair and makeup.

And this one, I adored the pose, but the clothes and hair were yuck.

So what do you think? Some of those graphics I did before the official spoiler are just a disgrace. x)


Hello :)

I'm missricopenguin, I'm just going to post graphics and things I've here, plus outtakes from Rage magazine. :)