Monday, January 10, 2011

Rage Magazine Spoilers

It took me two days to finally be satisfied with a spoiler for the magazine. It had to be very good graphic-wise so that people would see that our graphics are more than amateur. :P

I'm really happy with it actually, some of my best work yet!

I've decided to post a few previous spoilers I was originally going to have as the spoilers. Bear in mind there is a reason they didn't make the cut, so these graphics aren't very good.

Originally the left arm wasn't going to be in it, but I ended up adding it, can't remember why though because it ended up being all muddled and weird, so I ditched it. Maybe if I had done it all over again it would have looked alright..

I was considering this one but it just seemed to plain, it was the second last one I made before the official one.

The above one I thought to be way to plain again, plus I hated the hair and makeup.

And this one, I adored the pose, but the clothes and hair were yuck.

So what do you think? Some of those graphics I did before the official spoiler are just a disgrace. x)



  1. Definitely a good idea to wait until you had a perfect spoiler to release (: The other ones were nice, but the one you did release is sure to make people want more (: